…and one day, you’re gonna wake up and realize that "I don’t love him anymore."

Core wounds.

You want to talk about what his dad did?

I don’t think, as a caveat and disclaimer, that Blaine’s dad ever did wake up and not love Blaine anymore. But Blaine’s perception is what we have, and what matters. Blaine believes his dad tried to make him straight. He was, maybe, 13. To him, it was a kind of rejection, and he’s been dealing with it silently for six years, nearly. For Blaine, there’s a very real chance that people will one day realise that he’s not what they want, or expect, or love.

And then they’ll leave him.

Not to mention…that’s pretty much exactly what happened to him when it came to his friends.  We have no indication he’s still in touch with people from his first school.  (He straight out said he didn’t think anyone cared about his issues there).  The Warblers who he thought were his friends turned on him and sent him to the hospital. He hung out with the seniors of New Directions when he transferred and well we all remember how he felt at the beginning of his senior year.  

And there’s also Cooper, whose approval and affection Blaine experiences as conditional and often randomly mean. Cooper criticizes and tears him down, over and over. (And what on earth are Cooper’s core wounds here? Can we please meet the parents?) So Blaine maybe expects this treatment from the people who [say they] love him. It’s not that he doesn’t believe Kurt loves him, but that he doesn’t believe love can be this strong, unconditional thing when it’s directed at him. And this makes me so fucking sad for Blaine, because I have experienced this in my own life, and that feeling that you have to perform well and be perfect and pleasing 25/8 to deserve kindness, affection, and love that [feels like it] is always at risk of being withdrawn in a capricious instant, leaves deep, deep scars.

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They hung up on me! What a bummer! x

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No one's gonna hurt you
No one's gonna dare
Others can desert you
Not to worry, whistle, I'll be there

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The easy way that Blaine says that. “You’re gonna wake up and realize ‘I don’t love him anymore.’” He just shrugs, like it’s an inevitability. Like this is something he’s thought about so often, he’s desensitized to it.

And yet there are tears in his eyes. Because no matter how often he thinks about it, it still scares him so much. And he’s scared that now that he’s finally said it out loud, it’ll become reality.

Then Kurt comes in and says, “Never.” Such a definitive answer. He didn’t just say, “Of course not.” He said “Never.” And then he added, “I’m always gonna love you.” Always. This is all Blaine has ever wanted to hear since they broke up, and now he’s heard it.

Let’s hope they can move on from this now and be happy together without always fighting about petty things.

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I would much rather be running this race with you than against you.

As equals.

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